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Manchester PR Blog is where our East Coast-based fashion PR firm is able to bring fashion, beauty & lifestyle news, reviews & highlights to life.

Manchester Public Relations Firm was founded by CEO, Nadia Murdock in November of 2008, with the goal of helping undiscovered designers & newbie businesses help put their stamp on the consumer fashion market.

Nadia’s range of experience as an event planner, blogger, writer & her experience in non-profit and public relations offers a broad spectrum of what it will take to be seen & heard. She does not represent anything that she does not believe in & she aims at keeping her clientele roster small – making her relationships with her clients personable.

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Julianne Adams, Contributing Writer

Julianne is currently finishing her Bachelor’s in English at Columbia University. Originally from Boston, Julianne has been passionate about media & popular culture for as long as she can recall. Her interest in beauty was inherited later in life from her mother, who could never resist a makeup counter. View her latest musings at NeuralPop.


Mallorie Carrington, Contributing Writer

Mallorie is the owner & designer of the fashionable basics clothing line SmartGlamour. She has lived in New York since 2005 & her love for the city has never dulled. After graduating from both the Fashion Institute of Technology & the Pratt Institute, Mallorie worked in design before finally branching out on her own. Mallorie considers herself an artist among many facets and is constantly searching for new ways to express herself, better herself, and help others do the same.