This month, Manchester PR celebrates the iconic beauty of steamy jazz vocalist, Sade. The exotic Nigerian-native was a total babe back in the eighties, and now at 54 years of age the contralto crooner continues to enchant.

A long-time fan of Sade and her libidinous vibrations, I had the pleasure of seeing her serenade Bostonians at the TD Garden back in the summer of 2011. Branded for her imperial red lips, chunky gold hoops, slicked-back single braided ponytail and brassy shoulder pads, her presence on stage was magnetic – to say the least.

Jean Paul Gaultier paid homage to the English-bred chanteuse with his S/S 2013 RTW Collection as eighties pop star squad look-alikes hit the runway (including looks from the likes of, Grace Jones, Madonna, Boy George and more). Gaultier dazzled onlookers with an assortment of ‘Jezebel’ looks complete with man-tailored pantsuits, ruffles, majestic prints and stripes.

Sade-inspired looks also popped up on the catwalk of Balmain successor, Oliver Rousteing’s S/S 2013 RTW Collection. Models carried their heads high adorned in oversized hoops, bold shoulder pads and ornate brocade jackets.

And so, MPR challenges you to channel your inner ‘Smooth Operator’ this April and make your mark on spring.

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