Au Naturale Cosmetics:Limited-Edition Beach Bombshell Collection


Supermodel Julie Henderson, known for being in Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions seven time, is excited to be launching her first make up collaboration with Au Naturale Cosmetics. Au Naturale Cosmetics is a consciously chic line of organic, vegan and non-toxic cosmetics for today’s health savvy, socially conscious and fashion-forward woman.

IMGL0194 (1)

AuNaturale Cosmetics was launched in 2014 and was driven by Prange and Sawyer’s desire to produce a “healthy” cosmetic line that offers exceptional quality products and an upscale yet artistic color palette. Au Naturale prides itself on being a non-toxic cosmetics range for today’s health savvy, socially conscious and fashion-forward woman.

The products in Julie Henderson Au Naturale Beach Bombshell Collection are designed to be worn either together or separately.  To get the best results, and achieve the perfect natural, beauty look this summer, use the products in the following manner:

1)    Start by using your fingers to apply the Organic Crème Concealer, which will hide any unwanted under eye dark circles or unwanted blemishes.

2)    Next apply the Organic Crème Eye Shadow Stick, which comes in a glittering beige, ideal for all skin tones.

3)    Then, use either a brush, finger tip or sponge to highlight the high points with the Organic Crème Bronzer stick.  The Bronzer Stick is intended to naturally high light where the sun would hit first.

4)    Follow with the Organic Cream highlighter, putting it above where you have put the bronzer to create luminous, dewy skin.

5)    Finish with the Organic lipstick and or lip gloss, which are both food grade and contain nourishing organic oils, good for the skin.

Now you have the perfect sun-kissed look!



Three Natural Skincare Lines for Spring

 We guzzle fresh juices and munch on lush salads. But what about food for our skin? The latest trend, that’s hopefully here to stay, is fueling the skin with natural, edible ingredients. For some of us, smearing avocado on our face or the sting of bee venom does not sound too appetizing. So here are three growing brands whose products pack revitalizing ingredients without any messy side effects.

Indie Lee

 After suffering from a brain tumor in 2009, Indie Lee set out on a mission to rid toxins from her everyday life. Realizing the number of chemicals that often goes into skin products, she decided to start there. Her namesake brand uses only all-natural ingredients in the forms of cleansers, oils, serums and more. The products use a bare minimum of elements, which are often fruits or florals. Fan favorites are the Squalane Facial Oil and the Rosehip Cleanser.

Pai Skincare

Designed for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, the brand is great for those who are wary of skin inflammation. The products have no parabens, alcohol, beeswax or other skin irritants such as propylene glycol. Featured ingredients are avocado, rosehip, and jojoba, which help to sooth and hydrate skin.

Juice Beauty


Available at Whole Foods, Juice is a more affordable option compared to the other higher end brands. Their products, which cover the gamut of skincare, makeup and hair care, use USDA Certified organic ingredients.  Each product packs in an average of seven naturally potent extracts, from the more exotic algae and jojoba to kitchen staples like carrot and apple.

Photos courtesy of Indie Lee, Pai Skincare and Juice Beauty.

Fashion Icon of the Month – Audrey Hepburn


This April, we are going back in time and choosing Audrey Hepburn for Manchester PR’s pick for Fashion Icon. I’ve adored Ms. Hepburn since the 8th grade, when my English teacher decided I choose her for a biography project (in which we had to dress up as said icon) on the basis that I resembled her. I had no idea who she was at the time – and I am still grateful everyday that my eyes were opened to this beauty.

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5 Lipsticks You Must Try This Spring 2014


With the coming of the spring equinox, we all feel so much happier. We find our balance within and start looking for refreshment. We daydream new styles and colors to update our closet and make up kit with. A good and trendy lipstick is one of modern woman’s everyday beauty essentials. A desire to transform our look and express our positivity, help us find the perfect lipsticks to try this spring 2014 season. From beautiful pastels to natural shades, there is something to suit everyone’s style and skin color…

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Review: Possibility Jewelry Line

IMG_9706 edited

Astrid Mueller is a Swiss illustrator, wedding and jewelry designer, and brand aficionado that studied in Zurich, New York, and London. She is now based in Alaska and is the designer behind possibility, a line of jewelry made from a clear material called Lucite that engraves beautifully.

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Review: My curls x Hamadi Organics Shea Leave In



I had the opportunity to sample Hamadi Organics’ Shea Leave In Moisturizing Styling Cream and here is what I have to say about it:

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Review: Julep Nail Polish


Since I can remember I have had an over-the-top obsession with manicures. I was never the girl that had an obscene amount of nail polish hidden in my bathroom drawers, but I was always the girl begging my mom to take me for a mani/pedi after school, and always made sure to have a coat of fresh polish on my fingers.

That being said I was thrilled when I was able to sample some Julep brand nail polish in recent weeks. Nothing brightens up your day and gives you the ultra feminine touch like a fresh manicure.

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Spring 2014 Hair Trends to Try Now


Now that spring has officially started to peak and grace us with some days of warm weather  – lets start breaking out the hottest spring trends from the runways. These trends were seen all over the spring 2014 runways last fall and vary in skill level – from novice to “better look up a YouTube tutorial for this!” Check them out below:

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Fashion Icon of the Month – Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Close Up

This March, Lupita Nyong’o is Manchester PR’s pick for Fashion Icon. The Kenyan actress has made a huge splash on the Hollywood scene, despite being an unknown as recently as six months ago—her now famous and Oscar-winning film debut in 12 Years a Slave put her on the radar. Her work in 12 Years a Slave and her current appearance in Non-Stop, which also stars Michelle Dockery and Julianne Moore, means that Nyong’o has recently made numerous press appearances, including the major red carpet events of the season.

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Review: Majestical Jewelry – Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings


Courtesy of Majestical Jewelry, an eclectic online jewelry source, these Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings happened to pop up in my mailbox as of recent. And as you can imagine – I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous, yet sassy pair – modeled by the beautiful, Tracy Howard.

While these bold hoops are truly ideal for any occasion, it is how one chooses to style them that count. A mere $9(now, that is a steal), flaunt these fashion jewels to your next outing with this tortoise shell-inspired ensemble from yours truly, as seen after the break:

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