One on One Interview with Reflections African Jewelry

Sheinata Carn-Hall is the owner and lead designer for Reflections African Jewelry, LLC.  Reflections has been in business for 11 years at the Charleston City Market in Charleston,SC. With the popularity of the line people want to see more of  Sheinata’s designs! Continue reading to learn more about Reflections African Jewelry and see why people can’t get enough [...]

Allison Parris

Allison Parris is the most darling eco-friendly collection that screams stylish sophistication. The New York Collection is built around the idea that “retaining moral values” and “being able to wear beautiful, well made clothing” are not mutually exclusive actions.

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Green Fashion: Eco Friendly Gadget Accessories

Here are some cute finds that are fashionable and perfect for the gadgets and electronics you adore.

bioplastic cover


Black ECO Case

iPad cover/case

Wooden iPad Cover/Case

Is Twitter Down?

Is Facebook Down?


Green Fashion: MATT and NAT

MATT & NAT was founded in 1995 by Creative Director Inder Bedi. Through the power of changing his diet and becoming a Vegetarian for 30 days he launched MATT & NAT. Continuously working towards this goal – exceeding norms to offer cutting edge products that are fashionable and beautiful and yet made in a socially [...]

Green Fashion: Spun Boutique

Spun was created in 2007 by Sara Seumae. After giving birth to her second child Sara started to live her life the “green” way. She began changing the way her family eats as well as other aspects of everyday life. This led her to her desire to create quality organic clothing that wouldn’t break a [...]

Green Fashion:Prancing Leopard Organics

I found Prancing Leopard Organics on the Eco Fashion World website. Eco Fashion World  is a great resource for finding anything eco-friendly!

Prancing Leopard Organics is a stylish active wear line that is comfortable and ideal for any physical activity.  The clothing can be worn for yoga, dance, Pilates or just while running errands.  When [...]

Green Fashion:Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear

Blake Brody

Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear is an eco-friendly shoe that can be used for studio activities such as yoga and Pilates.  Having it’s own unique style this shoe does not look like the typical athletic footwear.  Blake Brody approached the design of her eponymous footwear collection with a fashionable aesthetic and functional concept. [...]