How to Put on a Fabulous Girls Night!


In this go-go-go, social media driven world – it’s easy to get swept up in our own busy lives and have months go by without having some quality time with our soul mates. And by soul mates – I mean, our best lady friends.

When we get a second to breathe – the best plan of action is to plan a fabulous girls night. But how do you get everyone together and having fun without a hitch? Here’s a simple guide.

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Surviving Fashion Week – What Every Fashionista Needs In Her Bag

Survivng Fashion Week

A fashionistas fashion week survival guide

The holiday season may be over, and for most of us that means the stress is gone and we can once again begin to breathe normally. But, for the fashion industry, the madness is just beginning as designers begin debuting their Fall/Winter 2014 collections at fashion weeks across the globe from New York to Milan.

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Quick and Thoughtful Holiday Gifts For Your Friends & Co.


Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season and mid-December has crept up quicker than it did last year, it is time to start that whole holiday shopping thing. If you are anything like me, you wait until the last minute and then spend every last dime you have and every free minute scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. I tell myself every year that I am going to start early, but I never do.

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Street Style Meets the 70’s


Before there were Uggs, before there were skinny jeans in every color and before there were boyfriend jeans, there was the bell-bottom. They were likely the most notable trend of the 70’s, and I am here to tell you, they’re back. They haven’t made their comeback solo, either. Those floral prints your mom has in the back of her closet? The booties? The Lennon style sunnies? They’re all back.

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Beach Bag Must-Have’s For Summer 2013


Beach Bag Must-Haves


MPR has summer on the brain.

Here are our beach bag essentials for summer 2013:


1. No beach bag is complete without a trusty blanket; hit the sand with this Ralph Lauren Cabana Floral Beach Towel. It’s a classic.

2. These Gucci Gold Aviator Shades will not only turn heads, but also block your eyes from harmful UV rays.

3. A personal every day must-have, Hempz Ultra Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm is especially great for maintaining soft lips in the summer heat.

4. Achieve gorgeous tanned skin in half the time with Maui Babe Browning Lotion. Safe for all skin types, this product is also compatible with sunscreen.

5. I always fill up a Spray Bottle with salt water when I get to the beach. Works wonders as a cooling mist. Pick one up at your local convenient store or pharmacy.

6. Hydrate naturally with Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water. It really is just like putting a straw in a coconut!

7. MPR loves Nasty Gal’s lucite Neon Summer Clutch; perfect for storing electronics, keeping them safe from water and sand damage.

8. Escape with a good read. MPR recommends a dose of global lifestyle.

9. Hitting the beach with friends & Co.? Jam out to your favorite summer playlist with Jawbone’s Jambox Ultra Portable speaker.

10. Post-sun skin care is a must-do! Nourish your sun-kissed skin with Clarins Ultra-Hydrating After Sun Moisturizer after a long day at the beach.


Happy beaching!

Spring Fling: Date Night In Brooklyn at Delia’s Lounge


As the weather warms up, Manchester PR is definitely feeling the love…and much lighter (now that we can finally shed some of those cumbersome wintry layers) and we are hoping that our fashionistas and hopeless romantics are too. Whether your fling is new or old, MPR wants to help you prep for your date night out.


The Place: Delia’s Lounge

Self-proclaimed (via Twitter) as the, “most romantic place around for a cozy evening with couches, fireplace and great martinis”, this swanky, warm establishment is an ideal choice for a first date, a second date, or even, a more intimate celebration.

This April, enthusiastic Owner, Craig Diamond and his lovely staff offer a fun schedule of events that are not to be missed.

Dinner and a Movie Monday’s invites lovebirds to, “come enjoy dinner, a movie and free popcorn.” The film of choice for the evening is slated to start at 7:45 p.m. Check out the list of movies playing at Delia’s this April below:


April 15 – West Side Story

April 22 – Fistful of Dollars

April 29 – 12 Angry Men


Wednesday’s Date Night is a pre-fix menu ($40 plus tax) complete with two martinis and one appetizer, two glasses of champagne and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. This sounds delicious – could this date get any better?

Delia’s Lounge is located at 9224 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York. For more information on Delia’s Lounge and the offers listed above, please visit their website.


 The Look: Urban Chic  

Let’s face it, whether it is the first date or the fifth date, choosing an outfit is going to be a fiasco all its own. For as long as there is the butterfly effect, making an imprint is imperative.

With a little help from our friends at Polyvore, I put together three date night looks perfect for a lounge setting.

Happy dating!

See my other two looks below:


Topshop crop shirt / Full Circle skirt / Low heel booties / Chanel quilted bag / Nickel free jewelry, $30 / Wallis box chain necklace / Cashmere beanie, $74 / Lolita Lempicka

Mink Pink , $130 / Haute Hippie , $580 / Valentino black high heel booties / Nude clutch, $20 / Loren Stewart yellow gold jewelry / AERIN lipstick

What Do You Wear To The Gym?

An oversized T-shirt or matching everything from your sports bra down to your shoestring!

Since the gym isn’t a beauty pageant or fashion show, to most, wearing the right clothes to work out can help you stay motivated longer and allow you to feel more comfortable when breaking a sweat.

Personally, going to the gym in baggy sweats and a ratty, oversized T-shirt lined with pit stains is against my religion. I strongly believe ladies, when we hit the gym we should wear what makes us feel unstoppable.

The days are long gone when women’s workout clothes consisted of husband or significant other’s stolen cutoffs.  Today, a variety of designers, including Stella McCartney, Lululemon, and Lucy, offer comfortable and functional gym wear while still adding a feminine and fashionable twist.

Therefore, a wardrobe of clothes to wear to the gym should be bold patterned, colorful, relaxed and therefore happy, anything that will motivate you to show off your new attitude reflecting your new shape!

Underwear:  Before buying all the essentials you need to purchase the correct lingerie. A well-fitting sports bra is a must! This can mean the difference between a solid or painful workout.  I suggest trying a variety of bra styles before choosing the right one for you, and being professionally measured like any other bra you own wouldn’t be a bad thing.  While trying on the bras move around…have fun with it! Bend over, jump up and down, do a lap, truly ensure that nothing is moving anywhere anytime soon.
As for underwear, you know what feels best. Wear something under yoga pants that will make you feel the most comfortable.. and maybe that is nothing at all! You decide.

Tops:  In the past, oversized shirts and sweats tended to rule the gym, but as we reach more modern times the gym calls for better-fitting tops. Certain tops can extenuate posture and form.  The key is to look for tanks that are made from performance materials that wick away sweat to keep you calm, cool and collected throughout the duration of your workout. Use this as motivation… the better you can see your bodily flaws, the more motivated you will become!

Dress your bottom according to the type of exercise you will be doing that particular day. We are lucky and have so much to pick from: cropped leggings, stretch pants, cycling shorts… to briefly name a few! Pants should stay put and have an adjustable waistline for more comfort. Try out different styles, you will soon know what you like and dislike the most!


Just simply go for comfort!

Hair and Makeup:

We all want to look attractive and presentable at the gym… duh, there are boys…and usually lots of them! However, if you must wear makeup, choose wisely, sweat + makeup = poor skin. Personally, I do not wear any makeup but if you do make sure to choose something sheer, light foundation will be the least likely to clog pores, and add a clear lip balm to keep moist. Slap on a couple coats of waterproof mascara throw your hair in a top not, out of your face, and you will be on your way! You will look easy, functional, yet polished every time you set foot into a gym.


Have A Fashionable Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air so to celebrate Valentine’s Day I have gathered a few of my favorites for him and her ranging from cheap little trinkets to very expensive “I love you’s” all of which will leave a lasting impression.

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VAUTE – For The Love Of Puppies… And Fashion, Of Course



VAUTE, pronounced “vote” by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart is the first animal rights all vegan fashion label to show during New York Fashion Week and MPR was there to capture it all.

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Nine Thirteen Magazine Launch Party

From left to right: Lateefah Fleming founder of Empower Fit, Nadia Murdock of Manchester Public Relations and Lavon Dirickson.

On Thursday, September 13th I attended the NINE THIRTEEN magazine launch party. The magazine personifies the power and distinction of tastemakers. -Inspired by the promise of possibility.

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