How To Be A Fashion Writer

The most successful fashion writers spend their days reviewing collections at runway shows, researching the latest trends, attending events and meeting with designers. But, let’s get your dream straight, because the above image may not be true for new fashion writers. Only a select few enjoy those privileges, since their world revolved around producing good copy quickly. Fashion writers are paid to produce editorial content for media outlets such as magazines, websites, newspapers, blogs and TV stations. Traditionally, fashion writers are either employed full-time by a print or web publication, or are employed on a freelance basis. Here’s how to turn your dream career as a fashion writer into a reality.

Enroll in fashion school. Given the competition for fashion jobs, a college degree in Fashion Journalism is highly recommended. However, you do not need to have a degree to break into the fashion industry. If you have excellent English communication and writing skills, wait no more!

Familiarize yourself with the industry, its trends and terminology by studying fashion magazines, journals, trends forecast reports and books written by experts in the field. To locate recent fashion trends, interview established fashion designers, professors at fashion schools, local boutiques and industry analysts.

Start your own blog. Why a blog? Because you can update your site almost daily with new fashion content, while attracting loyal readers. Keep your blog design simple and focus on creating great content. Buy your own domain name, if it’s available, or pick a phrase that’s related to the kind of fashion writing you want to do. Blogs are an excellent marketing tool for new fashion writers.

Network with other fashion experts. It is essential that you have good contacts with people in the fashion industry. Create an extensive database with all of your contacts information including their social media profiles, as well as for editors, possible partners and for magazines and publishers you like. Talk to your network regularly to build the relationship and possibly pick up assignments.

Create brilliant writing samples from scratch. Talented fashion writers partner with editors, photographers, models, celebrities, designers, public relations specialists and others who make up fashion’s inner circle to develop their own stories and make their pieces fun, interesting and engaging to readers. When applying for gigs, submit your writing clips along with your letter of introduction to fashion editors. The clips you publish will begin your portfolio and that will help you obtain more paid gigs in the future.

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