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 The Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference on September 7th at Milk Studios in New York, NY was a day filled with a series of panels and a wealth of information being offered by some of the top experts in the fashion industry.  Here are some tips I picked up at the IFB Conference!

Ari Goldberg is the founding partner and CEO of StyleCaster Media Group.

-We are all our own brand.

-Write a brand book for your blog: commit your ideas to paper!

-Regarding working with brands that you may not necessarily want to review or work with: “Don’t sell out, when you sell out you lose your readers.”

-Understand the economics and business behind having a blog.

-Snag the book “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury.

Annie Tomlin is the Senior Editor of Bella Sugar, a leading online beauty publication.

-Show your value and what you can bring to the table.

-Make sure you can deliver!

-Own your confidence and what your good at.

Kristina Medhus is the mastermind behind the Pretty Shiny Sparkly blog.

-Add a mission statement to your blog; it helps the reader or perspective advertiser to know more about you.

-Create a media kit but keep your rate card private.

-Don’t know your numbers? Use Compete.com to figure you’re exact metrics.

Joe Zee is the Creative Director for ELLE magazine and star of All On The Line on the Sundance Channel

-Have a voice and opinion, it’s important to write for yourself.

-The great blogs will rise to the top so stay authentic.

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