London Style Made Local

Middleton mania is everywhere. You can’t check out in the grocery store without seeing paparazzi-snapped photos of party-girl-Pippa, or the flawless couture of Kate, London’s luckiest royal.

But one thing the style mavens have in common besides DNA is their knack for putting a look together. Every time they step out in a new outfit, websites and stores sell out and designers rush to create look-alike styles that bring the London look to the locals in large American cities like Chicago and New York. Even if you’re short on cash, the way the Middletons have reshaped London fashion makes it easy for you to copy on a dime.

The key to looking like London royalty is investing in a few staples — structured pieces that transcend time. For example, you want to splurge on something like a pair of well-fitted jeans, but bargain-hunt for your accessories. Keep in mind, not everything the Princess and her sister wear are budget-busting picks. Pippa has been seen countless times sporting affordable fashions from bargain stores like Zara and H&M. Still need some inspiration? Check out our London knock-offs below:


Pippa: London Business with a Touch of Chic

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Pippa actually has a real job doing professional things. But, that certainly doesn’t mean she looks drab doing it. Like New York and Chicago, London style involves a lot of black. Here, Pippa pays homage to the city’s signature style, but adds a little punch with a colorful blazer and a bright scarf. The sheath dress and jacket are tailored to fit her body, but the large billowing scarf softens it up a bit.

To repeat the style without emptying your wallet, pull out your trusty black dress or grab this one from John Lewis for only $46. Pair it with this feminine pink jacket from Heine and wrap yourself up in this animal print scarf for under $10 at Complete the look with a pair of over-sized glasses and a black tote, and you’re good to go.



Kate: Movie Premier Goddess

Without a doubt, a majority of the photos taken of Kate Middleton post-wedding picture her in high-end, demure fashion, like this Temperly lace dress she wore to the premier of War Horse on the night before her 30th birthday. Now, we doubt you will be visiting any major movie premiers that will require full-length red carpet regalia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t imitate the Princess’s bold lacy look for your own special occasion.

Lace is not easy for everyone to wear, so be sure to use it sparingly to appear delicate and put together. If you go overboard, you run the risk of being mistaken for your grandmother’s favorite Thanksgiving table-runner. To make this London look work for Chicago, New York or your next special evening, you’ll get a bargain on this Elie Saab lace shell top dress for $316 from Pair it with affordable, coordinating accessories, like this Kaliko lace clutch, Guess cocktail ring and four-row crystal bracelet from JC Penney. Together, the accessories will only put you out about $76, but you’ll look like a million bucks.

A Look All Your Own

By investing in a few staple pieces, filling in the gaps with affordable accessories and carrying yourself with the grace of a Princess, you too can make London’s famed look all your own! Cheers to that!

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