I C U In Paris is an amazing online boutique that highlights emerging international designers. Continue you reading to learn more about the store and the owner Christan Summers.

As a Boston native what inspired you to relocate to Paris?

Well, simply put – I love Europe. I fell in love with it when I was 16 and in Spain for a summer; I promised myself I would live somewhere in this continent…eventually. Last year I was living in Bangkok for 5 months with my design partner and decided I would finally make the move. I chose Paris for business reasons as independent market is well appreciated here but especially because of the absolute inspiration I get from this city. It is beautiful in every way – you have your negatives, of course, but there is sensitivity to creativity here that I have never experienced.

What made you want to recreate the image of your store and focus on “Paris Street Style”?

I have always been inspired not by just one thing – but everything around me. You can see something new everyday if you want to and the streets of a city couldn’t be a better place for that. When I arrived in Paris I knew I wanted to post street style pictures on our blog and it was the perfect time as Paris Fashion Week was rounding the corner. The results were fantastic and the characters we found immediately fascinated me – from the style, the attitude, and the diversity I knew I wanted to work it somehow into the new store image. Its all about real people – real fashion and real style. I C U stands for Independent, Curated, Unique, but its more than that; we want to see you, we want to see how you express yourself through your mode of creativity. Street style is the closest we can get right now.

My company works with primarily emerging designers which is why I love the fact that you focus on emerging international designers. This is a great concept, why emerging international designers and do you have a favorite one?

There is a passion and familiarity with emerging designers that I often find lost or maybe hidden in designers who are better known. Fashion is a means of expression, it of course is a way to make a living but the root of it stemmed from this first idea – and that to me is exceptional. Finding designers internationally opens a new window to a style I do not know; as each country, city and person expresses their self in a different manner. Emerging designers I find still embrace their original passion and style and are pushed by it.

When will the new interactive section of I C U be launched? Do you feel this is a great opportunity for fellow emerging designers to display their creative juices?

As soon as possible! We are programming away and as there is no set launch date yet, we are hoping for it soon.

I cannot wait for it to be done because yes, I am so excited to start receiving works from all sectors. The application won’t just be for jewelry designers, but also for photographers, filmmakers, clothing designers, artists, etc. Our blog is often written by guest bloggers who have visited a great exhibit that we are not able to visit but want to hear about their experience, thoughts and view pictures of what they saw and loved. It is the same idea for the submissions and we plan on posting as much work on the site and on ICU blog as possible. The submissions will however be curated, and as things start moving along I believe people will understand what style works best for us and with our viewers.

It seems you are great support of emerging talent by offering a multitude of opportunities within the I C U boutique.  Does your wardrobe consist mainly of undiscovered talent?  What is one of your favorite items that you purchased from the ICU boutique?

My wardrobe definitely consists of variety… I love vintage and tiny boutique no-name purchases – but I am a huge fan of mixing and matching styles. Suit pants with a printed vintage tee and sneakers, pumps with jean shorts and a suit jacket. Its fun to play around with styles that “shouldn’t be mixed” J As for one of my favorite pieces from I C U… it would have to be an ebb.and.pflow ring that my design partner and I created in Bangkok – for no other reason than it is a great stackable and wonderfully accentuates just about any ring I wear with it.

For further information please contact Jessica deGuardiola of 5s Public Relations at 617.426.1806 or jessica@5spr.com

To shop online go to www.icuinparis.com

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