Allison Parris

Allison Parris is the most darling eco-friendly collection that screams stylish sophistication. The New York Collection is built around the idea that “retaining moral values” and “being able to wear beautiful, well made clothing” are not mutually exclusive actions.

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Dress For Success: Fashion in the Corporate World

Congratulations! Your hard work in college has paid off, and you’ve landed a great job in the corporate world. The business world is fast-paced, and you’ll have to learn more than just what you studied to earn your administration degree. You’ll have to assimilate into company culture, excel at your current position, and chart your [...]

One on One Interview with The Gift Shop by Osa

Osayamen Asemota started her career in media relations at a top International Public Relations firm, & has acquired many years of marketing experience for the media, entertainment & fashion industries.

As President & Executive Consultant of The Gift Agency, LLC, an Event Marketing & Promotions company, Osa works closely with a team of [...]

One on One Interview with Elena Brennan

I have worked with Elena Brennan in the past and I always found her back ground very interesting as well as inspirational at the same time.  Continue reading to learn more about Elena and how she made her dreams come to true.

How did you come up with the name “Bus Stop Boutique”?

The [...]

What You Should Wear for your TV Appearance

Wearing the wrong outfit can undermine your credibility; your first impressions are key. Here are some styling tips for your next TV debut. Clothing: Wearing medium tones of gray, brown or blue in a style that you feel most comfortable in are a step in the right direction. Stay away from distracting stripes or patterns [...]