Why ALEMBIKA Is The Fall Collection To Watch

After MPR hit the scene for NYFMW at the Atelier Designers Trade Show it seemed predestined that ALEMBIKA’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection designed by Hagar Alembik is the collection to watch – and one that every wholesale buyer should consider adding to his/her chic womenswear boutique.

Let’s begin with ALEMBIKA’s manifest, which is stated quite [...]

Six Scents: Interview with Joseph Quartana


One on One Interview with Layla Joy

Designer Layla Joy has unveiled her first shoe collection and the launch of her company. Her line is “Fashion meets Comfort”, edginess and elegance that are also very wearable. Once I was introduced to LaylaJoy designs, I  immediately gravitated to her aesthetic and I had to interview her!

Your background in fashion sounds [...]

One on One Interview with Eliza Starbuck

How to make a dress that’s universally wearable yet individually specific, that’s both sustainable and fashionable? This question is at the heart of fashion designer Eliza Starbuck’s new clothing line, Bright Young Things.

When did you begin your design career?

In 2002 after graduating from Parson’s School of Design I began working [...]

Elene Cassis Designs

Cheryl Burke in Elene Cassis

Elene Fashions, Inc., was established June 11, 2009, and is owned by Elene Cassis.  Elene’s commitment to the quality and integrity of her line is unsurpassed.  Her utter devotion to creating pieces that will inspire self-confidence and celebrate the graceful lines and curves of the female form truly set [...]

One on One Interview with Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the master mind behind How to Fashion Design DVD series.  I interviewed Bob to learn more about his passion for fashion and what led him to his career as a fashion designer. 

What are the pros and cons to designing for film and theater vs. working with high-end designers?

Designing for [...]