I have worked with Elena Brennan in the past and I always found her back ground very interesting as well as inspirational at the same time.  Continue reading to learn more about Elena and how she made her dreams come to true.

How did you come up with the name “Bus Stop Boutique”?

The name is very sentimental for me and brings back lots of memories from my early twenties in London! I had two favourite places to shop and both were on Kensington High Street in South West London.  I would take the tube into the city and spend the whole day at the art deco BIBA shop, which was owned by Barbara Hulanicki and next door was Bus Stop owned by Lee Bender. She chose the name because it was so identifiably British, and red because it was the colour of telephone kiosks, mail boxes and London buses.  I liked the make-up and accessories at BIBA and it felt more like a night club than a shop, but I LOVED Bus Stop more. I would immerse myself for hours inside Bus Stop and would love to shop for clothing, especially dresses. I loved everything about it – the smell, the ambience, the fashion, so much so that I always told myself that if I opened a shop one day, I would call it BUS STOP!  So, it was very easy to come up with the name for my boutique and I hope I can evoke and stir some of the same emotions for my customers, as Lee Bender did for me!

Have you always been a boutique owner?  

Actually, no. My background is marketing, advertising and PR. Although my parents were in retail for many years, so it was already part of my life. I would say it became my dream to open my own boutique about ten years before it actually happened. My son turned 18 and we just got back from a brilliant holiday in Sydney, and I just happened to stumble across the FOR RENT sign at a new spot on South Fourth Street which is Fabric Row in Philadelphia. All I can say is that my stars were in alignment and it was the right time to  embark on my dream!

What is the unique selling point of Bus Stop Boutique?

I carry European & International labels that are hard to find. My customers are lucky enough to shop here for designer shoes, instead of having to travel abroad or take a trip to New York. The vibe here is urban, funky, edgy, and the shoes I sell are for women who are not afraid of colour and want to stand out from the crowd!

Who is your favorite designer?

That’s a tough question as I like so many. But, if I had to pick one, I would have to say it’s Dan Sullivan, Irregular Choice who is based in Brighton, England. Everything from his sense of style, passion, outrageously fun design, the crazy names he develops for each style,  the designs on the soles, the packaging are just so brilliant!  I would have to say that he is probably also my customers’ favourite too!

What future plans do you have for your store?

I started off selling only women’s shoes but there was a great demand for men’s shoes, so I now carry quite a few urban styles for blokes too! So I could expand that side of the business.  The obvious would be to open a 2nd location. I’ve looked at a few spots in the city and in New York. And, I would still mainly focus on womens but include shoes for blokes too.  My real passion would be to design my own line of BUS STOP shoes that would originally be sold exclusively at BUS STOP, but in time would be available for sale at other boutiques around America and the world.

I hope my answers gave you a good background into the concept behind my little shop and my dreams for the future!

For more information visit  Bus Stop Boutique

If your in Philadelphia, PA visit Elena here!

Bus Stop Boutique

750 South 4th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147-3121

(215) 627-2357