How to Put on a Fabulous Girls Night!


In this go-go-go, social media driven world – it’s easy to get swept up in our own busy lives and have months go by without having some quality time with our soul mates. And by soul mates – I mean, our best lady friends.

When we get a second to breathe – the best plan of action is to plan a fabulous girls night. But how do you get everyone together and having fun without a hitch? Here’s a simple guide.

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Fashion Icon of the Month – Audrey Hepburn


This April, we are going back in time and choosing Audrey Hepburn for Manchester PR’s pick for Fashion Icon. I’ve adored Ms. Hepburn since the 8th grade, when my English teacher decided I choose her for a biography project (in which we had to dress up as said icon) on the basis that I resembled her. I had no idea who she was at the time – and I am still grateful everyday that my eyes were opened to this beauty.

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Spring 2014 Trends We Love: Shoes


My favorite thing about Spring (or any season, for that matter) are the shoes that come with it. Now that warm weather is thinking about showing its face – I can’t wait to wear all my fancy shoes that couldn’t withstand the snow. So here’s to Spring – and the newest shoe trends that came along with it.

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Review: My curls x Hamadi Organics Shea Leave In



I had the opportunity to sample Hamadi Organics’ Shea Leave In Moisturizing Styling Cream and here is what I have to say about it:

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Review: Majestical Jewelry – Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings


Courtesy of Majestical Jewelry, an eclectic online jewelry source, these Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings happened to pop up in my mailbox as of recent. And as you can imagine – I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous, yet sassy pair – modeled by the beautiful, Tracy Howard.

While these bold hoops are truly ideal for any occasion, it is how one chooses to style them that count. A mere $9(now, that is a steal), flaunt these fashion jewels to your next outing with this tortoise shell-inspired ensemble from yours truly, as seen after the break:

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The Oscars 2014: Fashion Hits & Misses


Undoubtedly, Oscar night is the most important Hollywood event of the year. And this year at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, our favorite celebrities stepped out in custom gowns, shoes and donned jewelry most of us can only dream about.

Seasoned Oscar-goers like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence always dress to impress, and this year was no exception. Though there were some newer faces to Hollywood that stole the limelight like Lupita Nyong’o.

There was a lot of neutral tones on the red carpet, and certainly a handful of reds and blues. Just about everyone’s accessories were perfection this year. And the common theme seemed to be, less is more, and I couldn’t agree more!

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Yves Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week


To me, the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2014 collection presented at Paris Fashion Week yelled sophisticated party. The proportions were perfect and the silhouettes were sleek with a little volume, added here and there. Some looks were understated, yet worldly and others were completely styled in and of themselves.

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Paris Fashion Week 2014: Fashionista Street Style


Paris Fashion Week 2014 has so far been nothing short of fabulous style, color and couture. In typical Parisian fashion, fashionistas attending the shows looked just as fierce has those on the catwalk.

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Keeping Up With New York Fashion Week



… Surely, with a little help from our friends over at Hint, Inc..

It has been said (maybe by Cupid) that February is a month for lovers. Red lips, lingerie, dark chocolate and bon-bons galore, Valentine’s Day is definitely on a woman’s mind. But, for the woman who is obsessively fashionably conscious, Valentine’s Day often hits the back burner of the mind, while Fashion Week (whether it be New York, London or Paris) takes the forefront.

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The Best of NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 Street Style



With Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week coming to a close tomorrow, Manchester PR finds that a lot of  our fashion diva(o)s are looking forward to a spring with lots of patterns, bright colors and of course, warm weather. We cannot blame them because we are certainly ready for the spring to be here following this non-stop polar vortex.

Peep some  more of our favorite street style looks from this year’s events after the break:


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